Behind the Video | Heloise & Rory

Read on to discover the talent behind our SS17 video as we speak with Heloise and Rory about working together, the power of story telling and making illustrations come to life.


Tell us how you got into illustration? And Rory, can you tell us how you got into animation?

Heloise: Sketching is a bit like biting your nails. I use it in my job to express ideas, when I travel to get around or record the things I see, and make presents for people. As I’ve been doing it more and more, I’ve realized there was a demand and opportunity for me to develop this love for drawing. I’ve started working on commissions for friends – and thanks to word of mouth, it’s now becoming bigger. So exciting!
Rory: By accident almost, I confess my first love was furniture design but video and animation have become a way to tell the stories of each piece. Increasingly people aren’t content to just buy a final product; they want to see the time, thought and interesting processes that make it unique. For me, video and animation became a way to do that.


What type of illustration do you do? What type of animation do you usually work on Rory?

Heloise: I like illustrating people in an environment. The idea being that, through a stylized drawing, you instantly recognise the features of a person you know. You tell the story about what they’re like, what they like to do, etc. Inventing characters for children’s books is also lots of fun. My drawings tend to be very colourful with quirky details.
Rory: We tend to be explorative in our approach to artwork. Instead of settling in the comfort zone of a set style or technique, we love exploring new ways of doing things and trying different methods to continually feed our work and learn new skills.


Where do you both find your inspiration from?

Rory: We’re both interested in telling stories, whether it’s by drawings, animations or written pieces. Stories give meaning to objects and places, and we all love to share stories with others. It could be the story of an adventurous holiday or even how to make a chair, a table or the perfect coffee. We like to think our work gives opportunity for those little stories to be shared and heard.
Heloise: We have this habit of making drawings/collages for one another to gather our best recent memories. We do quite a lot of travelling, we go to art exhibitions, various events and the theatre. We have this curiosity & excitement about trying new things. Most of our friends are arty people, and we like to meet new people all the time.


We love the animation you did for our SS17 collection launch!  How did you come up with the actions and sequencing of this? What are the key elements to consider?

Rory: It was a great project for us to work on. We felt the piece should feel hand-drawn and free. We could have animated everything in the image but felt that would have lost the charm of the sketches. We wanted to make it feel more like an ‘animated drawing’ rather than a video. We chose instead to highlight little details and quirky features happening here and there, with calm movements when focusing on the actual clothes to highlight them. The idea was to give a sense of a sketch “coming to life” in a La Coqueta style.


Do you often work together and what’s the secret to making it work?

Rory: We each always carry a sketchbook to scribble ideas. Working together is very stimulating, as we bring different approaches/angles that are complementary for our team work. It helps that we both come from a design background, but we are interested in different aspects of the process. Heloise has a better eye for mood and aesthetics, while I’m a bit more focused on the little details/timing. So far it seems to work! We also think a good sense of humour always helps!

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Heloise: Yes we do! Such as an illustrated book for children coming out this summer (about veggies making a big parade in a supermarket at night). I will be doing more and more freelance work as an illustrator this year, and have just launched my own website go and have a look! And we are making some exciting pieces of furniture together, so stay tuned!

Can you select your favourite pieces from our SS17 collection?