Dressing Flower Girls & Page Boys | Lucinda Turner

Lucinda Turner, Lifestyle and Fashion Stylist for Brides Magazine, shares her top tips for dressing flower girls and page boys this summer.



Once you’ve dressed yourself, your bridesmaids and (probably) your mum for your big day, it’s easy to let dressing the little ones fall to the bottom of the list. But don’t let it slide, dressing your flower girls and page boys is just as important and will give your day the ultimate ‘aww’ factor that your guests will love!




When it comes to dressing the children, don’t let your palette dictate the colour choice too heavily. Just because your older bridesmaids are in purple, doesn’t mean the flower girls have to be. A fresh white, cream or ivory dress, such as the Herminia or Amalia, is a far more modern choice than going too matchy, matchy. Just be sure to tie their look into the rest of the bridal party with a coordinating floral garland or a mini bouquet.





After you’ve sorted your colour choice, the next thing to worry about is fabric. Dressing children in restrictive stiff garments are never going to work. They may well be on their best behaviour for your big day, but they are still children who will want to run around and play no matter what. Light cotton and linen are always a good idea and shorts, such as the Bocusi, will undoubtedly be met with glee by little boys who want to scamper about!






If you’ve got boys and girls in your bridal party, then coordinating outfits are a must. You don’t have to go for two identical outfits, but a nod to one another is a lovely touch. The chic soft grey of the Monegros boys and girls looks is just the ticket; plus I love the on-trend ruffle collar on the dress.




Lastly don’t forget the accessories! A pretty flower girl’s dress can be ruined with a clumpy black shoe, these soft bronze and silver ones will keep your flower girl’s feet twinkling.