Moonrise Kingdom | Behind the Lookbook

Wes Anderson’s exploration of the transition from childhood to adulthood and the competing desires for independence and autonomy were the inspiration for the SS17 campaign. Young children, wanting to grow up but unable to let go of their naivety and innocence were captured on camera through the vintage styling and movement in this shoot.


Iconic La Coqueta styles in pretty floral prints, contrasted with flashes of metallic and pastel woven socks were styled with vintage binoculars, perhaps a willingness to explore, or escape? Little scouts wear graphic gingham prints, sailor stripes and colour blocked knits, all the while contemplating their escape route.  

For the little explorers the use of bygone style botanical prints, are further enhanced with bright smock detailing and frill butterfly sleeves, while muted coloured Bermuda shorts and chinos paired with loose weave linen shirts ensure that form and function remain at the core of the design.