Our Mums In Style | By La Coqueta


The foundation of everyone’s style often begins with a wise mother’s words. That lick of red lipstick before heading out the door, sweeping up that mess of a mane or perhaps pairing trainers with just about everything! To celebrate Mother’s Day at La Coqueta we asked the team what style lessons they learnt from their mothers.



I learned from my mother that you should always go out looking your best as you can never be too sure who you might bump into

– Tryce, Executive Assistant to the Creative Director & Online Manager

I was always quite embarrassed of my mums trainer style whilst growing up; trainers & a dress, trainers with shorts but now I suppose that trainers are my go to shoe. Also to find your own style and not to get too caught up in following trends, an outfit will always look better on if it’s something you love and feel comfortable in, irrespective of whether or not its the next big fad”

–  Georgia, Sales Assistant

My mother used to be a hairdresser and she spent long hours listening to her clients. One of them told her that a woman who wears nice shoes and does her hair nicely will always look good no matter what her clothes look like. My mother also never goes out without some lipstick on (even if she’s going to take the rubbish out)!

– Irene, Sales Assistant


“My mum has always instilled a sense of fun about how you dress in me. From allowing me to play dress up in her wardrobe as a kid, to always encouraging me in my style choices no matter how, as she would put it, “quirky” they may have been.”

– Emma-Louise, Graphic Designer & Social Media Assistant

What I learned from my mother is that no matter what your plans are for the day, it is important to dress up just as if you were going out on a date. You never know what can happen at the most unexpected time and more importantly, you will always feel a lot better when you feel you look good. Don’t forget your touch of red lipstick! It will lift your spirits at any time.”

– Celia, Founder & Creative Director

I remember that when I was little my mum was always making sure that I was well dressed wearing only beautiful handmade smock dresses which my grandmother use to sew for me. I still remember my mum doing my hair with ribbons matching the outfits.

– Barbra, Store Manager

“A sense of style comes from within, confidence and a smile are timeless”

-Emma, Managing Director