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26 August 2021 No comments
With the start of Autumn one cannot help but start to get excited about the slight change in temperature, a sense of warmth, cosiness and deep autumnal hues of reds, oranges and brown. At this time of year, there is a sense of newness, a fresh new start to a new season and all the back to school feels that have us yearning for new notebooks, pencils, and preppy school styles.

But how does one prepare for this time of year? Whether your children are experienced school goers, first timers or they’re beginning at nursery, there’s plenty of Back to School excitement to look forward to.

We spoke to some of our favourite stylish mums on their go to tips and what they are most excited about when it comes to the start of the school year.
Nicola Mclaughlin is a jewellery designer based in Texas, with a passion for jewellery, art and design, combined with an entrepreneurial pursuit which led her to start her eponymous brand. Nicola spends her days designing, writing blog posts and playing with her two little girls, Sophia and Emilia. Nicola told us what she’s enjoyed most on her summer holidays so far and what she is looking forward to with the new term ahead.
Sophia and Emilia enjoying a day out in La Coqueta AW21
What’s been your summer highlight so far?
Letting time slow down, let the girls sleep in later than usual, and lots of swimming!
What are some of your favourite things about Fall? What do you look forward to most?

I love when the seasons change. I think it creates a feel of a fresh start and creates a change in the way you see your day to day. I think this is important for everyone to feel this type of change, but especially important for creatives and moms.
Do you get in the Back to School mindset around this time of year? What helps you to prepare?

Yes! I have always loved the back to school feeling, as a child and now as a parent. To our youngest I try to talk about school a lot so she doesn't feel so shocked. It will be her first year. Our oldest daughter is ecstatic to go back to school, and I am living for her excitement for this.
Are your children at nursery? What are your tips for getting your children started?

Yes they are. Leaving them the first week or so is always so hard, but once you see they love it and would rather be there than at home it makes it much easier. A teacher once told me as soon as you hug and kiss goodbye, head right out to make the separation easier for the child and for you so you don't have to hear the crying.

What are you looking forward to most for when your children start school? Is there anything you are not looking forward to?

I am looking forward to having them in a learning environment and myself having a new schedule. The house will be sad and too quiet without them there, though.
What style inspires you most around this time of year and what do Sophia and Emilia wear?
I love all fall colors but especially olive green. Biased, but I think it is such a beautiful color on both of them.
What are some of you Autumn Winter necessities to get started in the new season?
I love cozy knits over dresses. I love ribbed socks and tights and I love them paired with La Coqueta's T-Bar Shoes!
Do you prefer Summer or Winter?
Could never pick a favorite!
Favourite piece from the new collection?
White Valentina Smock Girl Dress
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