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23 March 2018

My husband and I first visited Morocco 12 years ago, well before we had children and we promised ourselves we would go back as the experience was truly mesmerising. Twelve Christmas holidays later we decided to share the experience we so much enjoyed together, this time with our children.

What is truly special about Morocco is that despite it being so close to Europe it has parts that are so authentic and seemingly unspoiled by tourism, diverse and raw, for us, these attributes are a prerequisite when comes deciding to which destination we would like to visit as a family.

Our journey began in Fez, the second largest city in Morocco where there is said to be more than 9000 alleyways and passages that make up this maze of a place. If you ever dare to venture out yourself without a guide, you may be at risk of never coming out. This labyrinth of streets twisting and turning was built for defensive purposes so that the enemy could never escape.

After a few days in Fes we ventured out close to the Algerian border, where the sand dunes are of incredible large size and beauty. I can say that this was one of the highlights for my children and reaffirmed for me once again that the simple pleasures, in this case, sun and sand dunes, bring the greatest joy, my children played endlessly on this outing. The best part came in the evening when we ate dinner underneath the stars, the sky was so clear and so bright it was a real thrill (Lucas had done preparation before our trip so that he could identify the constellations and where groups of stars were). Sitting by the campfire followed by sleeping in the same tent with the whole family really nurtured the most incredible sense of adventure. Those are the moments where you feel so close as a family.


Following the desert stay, we headed to Marrakesh where we were able to visit secret parts of the Medina which were truly fascinating and enjoy the delicious food in some of the cities exquisite restaurants.


A visit to the Atlas Mountains is a must, a Berber gentleman invited us for breakfast at his home and all of us were lucky to be able to experience, though only for a few hours the Berber way of life. The breakfast was delicious and something our children still talk about.


When we travel, we generally prepare a mix of activities that parents and children will enjoy. In the mornings we generally do cultural visits with a guide who is child-friendly and in the afternoons we do activities that our children will enjoy. In a week, we were able to do so much thanks to a very well planned trip and our amazing guide Gali, who truly is the most patient person I have ever met!


Here are a few of the places that we visited:

Poterie de Fes, where the manager Fouad Serghini and his son welcomed us with open arms and my children spent all afternoon learning to make plates and paint them. We will pick them up once we are back and they have been glazed. (Fez)

Palais Saadiens where we purchased two beautiful incredible rugs. (Marrrakesh)

Au Coin Du Bois - Handmade furniture workshop. (Fez)

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