My Mother’s baking bowl…

I have fond memories as a child watching both of my parents prepare the most delicious food. We’d spend our summer weekends feasting outdoors in the garden and on cool darker autumn days my mum would bake bread and warm the soup. Some of my best memories as a child were spent cooking in the kitchen with my mum. Now I watch my children enjoying the same moments, pulling up the radishes with my Dad in his veg patch and counting how many potatoes they’ve found buried in the potato bags.

I think it’s so important for children to love food – to understand where food comes from, who grows it and how we can prepare it. I’m thrilled to see my own children enjoy similar moments as I had as a child when we cook together.

Recently my mum gave me her big brown baking bowl. The same one she used when I was a child. I love seeing my girls carefully carrying it to the kitchen table asking me to bake with them and now that Helena is getting older they work so well together making delicious bread buns or yummy cakes.  

One of my particular favourite recipes of my mum’s is her scones. She makes the most divine scones! So in honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday she’s allowed me to share her granola scone recipe.

jars, jugs and bowls.jpg

Jars, jugs and bowls…



8 oz (225g) self-raising flour

2 oz (50g) butter at room temperature

1.5oz (42g ) demerara sugar

2 oz (50g) of granola

Enough milk to make a small dough

1 egg whisked with a little milk to form an egg wash

For the topping:

A small tin (160ml) of coconut cream

8 – 10 strawberries (chopped)


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 220 degree C (fan 180 degree C).
  2. To make the scone dough I prefer to use a bowl rather than a food mixer. I think it’s important for children to learn how to feel food and understand how the process of mixing and cooking works. And they have such fun getting their hands messy!
  3. Place the flour in your large mixing bowl and add the butter. Using your hands hide the butter into the flour by rubbing both ingredients together.
  4. Add the sugar and the granola and mix, again with your hands. (The secret of a good scone is not to handle the mixture too much so as much as the children will enjoy the messy part they do need to work quickly and carefully.)
  5. Make a well in the middle of the mixture and pour in the milk. Using a blunt knife, mix until you have a soft dough.
  6. On a floured surface carefully press out the dough with your hands to a 2 cm thickness and cut into rounds. We used a mixture of cocktail size cutters and medium cutters.
  7. Brush the tops with the egg and milk wash and sprinkle a little demerara sugar on top. This will form a lovely crunch when baked.
  8. Bake for 10-15 minutes until the tops turn a golden brown.

The girls and I have tweaked the traditional topping of clotted cream and we spread ours thick with coconut cream and chopped up strawberries. This is a great recipe to make with children of any age and the teacher in me sees how much they learn from cooking. But making scones is particularly fun as it’s so quick and easy and they love to get floury fingers.

This recipe makes about 8 – 10 scones and they will keep in an airtight container for 2-3 days. They are perfect for afternoon tea or simply enjoyed for breakfast.

Download recipe here: Granola Scones recipe PDF

weighing and measuring .jpg

Weighing and measuring…

baking together.jpg

Baking together…

Florence pressing scones.jpg

Florence pressing scones…

Pressing out scones.JPG

Pressing out scones…


The finished scones…

While our scones baked in the oven we wrote our Mother’s Day cards to my mum and listened to our playlist which you can find here.

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Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Vanessa x

Vanessa Gerbrandy is a Mama of two girls living in Scotland and an educational consultant. Vanessa is also a regular contributor to the Babyccino Kids blog.

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