Muzungu Sisters | Behind the Collaboration

This unique collaboration witnesses the exciting debut of Muzungu Sisters artisanal embroidery with La Coqueta’s classic styles. The collection is a natural meeting of brands, with a focus on traditional craftsmanship. We catch up with Muzungu Sisters with founders Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo and our very own Celia Muñoz about the exciting collaboration.


How did this partnership come about?

TATIANA: We both love dressing our children in La Coqueta’s beautiful clothes and were sure that combining Celia’s delicate and traditional creations with Muzungu Sisters’s ethnic influences would look amazing so we decided to approach Celia about a collaboration – she loved the idea!

CELIA: Tatiana and Dana have been customers of La Coqueta pretty much since we started. I am such a big fan of The Muzungu Sisters! What makes it extra special to me is that I have visited quite a lot of the places where their clothes come from and I know they care deeply about the craftsmanship behind their clothes and the attention to detail that is given to their garments. The Muzungu Sisters clothes not only look very beautiful, the story behind it is even more meaningful. After three years of regular contact through wearing each other’s clothes Dana and Tatiana approached us to do a collaboration.


In what aspects do you feel La Coqueta and the Muzungu Sisters are aligned?

CELIA: Both brands share a love of craftsmanship. We love supporting the continuation of traditional techniques such as hand embroidery, smocking etc. I love the fact that the Muzungu Sisters projects an image that is understated and discreet but equally focuses on quality and customer service. Their customer is a customer who appreciates quality and this is what the La Coqueta customer looks too as well.

DANA: Both Tatiana and I love the brand and the respect Celia has for traditional craftsmanship. Just like Muzungu Sisters, every La Coqueta piece is timeless and can be worn for generations to come.


What was the process for creating this collection?

CELIA: This has been a very straight forward process as we both knew what the collection would look like even before discussing it. It helps that we share a similar aesthetic and have a similar view on what a child should dress like. We spent time understanding what the Muzungu Sisters customers would like to see from La Coqueta and vice-versa. We then spent time looking at patterns, smocks and embroideries that would look like a mix of both brands rather than one or the other. In terms of materials, we wanted something that is uncomplicated, is good quality and relates to the mix of Muzungu Sisters and La Coqueta’s lifestyle, hence the use of linen, cotton and plumetti.