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We catch up with Rosie & Rowena, the creators of RoRo Retreats about the benefits of family yoga and the retreats they run.



How did you both meet?

We first met at yoga classes in Primrose Hill, North London, where we were both taught by the amazing Simon Low. We reconnected several years later after we both had twins. So another thing in common! We’ve done a lot of travelling together as single mums of twins and feel well-qualified to know what works on a family holiday with an adventurous twist

What made you want to start these retreats?

In 2013 we went with our families to spend New Year at the Kasbah du Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It’s such a spiritual place in a stunning location. We felt it would make a fabulous yoga retreat and it had the perfect studio space.  We approached the owner to see if he would be interested in us offering a bespoke yoga retreat service. Luckily our timing was just right as he had been thinking of holding yoga retreats so RoRo Retreats was born.

Retreats offer the chance to really focus on your yoga with no distractions from everyday life. The intense practice it offers takes you to a whole new place and you come back feeling replenished and energised. It’s a chance to drop out of the modern world and connect with your higher self.


What are the benefits for a family to participate in a retreat like this?

It’s just a lovely opportunity for families to be able to all practice yoga together, and for children to be inspired by watching their parents’ love of yoga. And to have your children looked after and entertained while you do adult-only yoga is something we both wished was around when our children were very young.


Morocco & Spain are the two countries you currently host these retreats in. Is there a particular reason?

Morocco was a gift because we had both stayed at the Kasbah and it seemed the perfect choice. It’s also a country Rosie knows well as she has a house further South in Essaouira. The Moroccan people are so hospitable and genuine, so we knew the experience for our yoga students would be ideal. The Kasbah du Toubkal has a wonderful ethos as it supports the local Berber community out of profits and various local charities. This is very much in tune with RoRo’s ethos.  The Andalucian retreat, in Spain, came to us just at the time we were considering offering Family Yoga retreats – a much needed niche market which no one is really fulfilling. The Centro du Santillan is an atmospheric traditional Andalucian Finca with the most spectacular yoga studio and lovely grounds to run our children’s activities in.

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Do you have any retreats coming up?

Our upcoming Andalucian Family Retreat over May Half Term  27th May – 3rd June.  We have great Spring offers at the moment! In October, we return to the Kasbah in the Atlas Mountains for another grown-up’s only yoga retreat.

Family Retreat over May Half Term 27th March – 3rd June 2017
At Centro Santillan in Andalucia, SPAIN
More info: | [email protected]