New York Artist | Inslee Fariss

We talk to New York based artist and illustrator Inslee about her work, life in the Big Apple & the anticipation of meeting her new baby boy.


Inslee, you are based in New York. Could you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to settle in New York?

I am originally from Virginia, and spent some time living in Washington, DC as a young college graduate. But for me, life really started when I moved to New York City. My career really began to take off when I took the plunge and moved to the city. While I’ll always love the south and Virginia, especially, I never felt as inspired or impassioned by where I lived before NYC. New York is such an intense, complicated, difficult and also beautiful place to live, it demands that you have a relationship with it. It has immensely affected my art. 


What made you want to be an artist/illustrator? 

Making art has always been my way of expressing myself throughout my childhood and education, so it was a natural progression that I’d turn this fundamental part of myself into the focus of my career. I studied art all throughout my education, both in formal classes and just independently studying the work of artists I admire. I majored in studio art and art history in college. 


What inspires you to create your illustrations?

I try to think about things I find beautiful in the world around me and then celebrate them through exploring them as art subjects. Fashion is a particularly important source of inspiration. Lately I’ve also started to focus on other elements of a beautifully styled life – home objects, food, flowering plants, and the human form even as a source of inspiration. 


You have worked with Neiman Marcus, Moda Operandi and Elizabeth Arden. Do you have a particular brand that you aspire to collaborate with?

 Each brand I work with is a fun new experience. And the element of the ever changing client list makes my career fresh and exciting at every turn. I don’t have any one brand I’m pining to work with, but I’ve recently been thinking it would be cool to see my art on a line of dinnerware! 


Congratulations on expecting a little boy. What are you most looking forward to about motherhood?

Thank you! Well, right now I am most looking forward to just finally meeting this little guy after spending the last eight months wondering what he’ll be like! I’m looking forward to laughing with him and helping him learn to be creative and passionate and to see the magic in life! 

You can follow Inslee on Instagram here & buy her prints here.