Mum’s in Style | Julie-Anne Dorff

We talk to Executive Fashion & Jewellery Director at Harper’s Bazaar, Julie-Anne Dorff about her career in fashion and how she balances her work and family life.



How did you find yourself pursuing a career in fashion?

When I was studying for my master’s degree in Boston I was invited to a Chanel show where it met the US PR Director who was this amazing woman. I interned with her the following year and learned about PR and Marketing roles in the fashion industry.




What do you enjoy most about your job?

Meeting the most amazing creative people and seeing how brands market themselves and evolve. I love the business side of it, whether it is a high street brand, a luxury fashion house or a high-end jewellery brand.




You are originally from France. How to you incorporate this culture/heritage into your children’s lives?

My husband is American and I am French. We live in London so we are really mindful of sharing both cultures by travelling regularly to visit our families. Through both languages, the children learn about their heritage and they also go to a French school.


With three children, how do you balance work and family life? 

I try to keep a routine and my husband and I have a rule not to travel at the same time and to keep our weekends free for family time. I also think children keep you “real”, whatever happened during the day you have to refocus when you get home and get back to basics, which is often very good and helps you to start fresh in the morning.




What 3 items could you not live without? 

I can multi-task and think clearly if I sleep and eat well, this sounds basic but it is so true. I would say it is more about making sure I feel good in my body to take on the day ahead! And probably my phone!


Which pieces from La Coqueta’s collection are your favourite?

 For SS17 I love the Romina coat, Cobena dress and the Pinta shirt.

 mis_09Romina Girl CoatCobena Girl DressRibbed Knee High socks light grey • Girl Mary Janes PinkPinta Girl Shirt