Mum’s in Style | Aurelia Donaldson

We speak to stylist, creative consultant and mother Aurelia Donaldson on her approach to dressing herself and her daughter, and get tips on how to look after special hand me down items of clothing so they can be worn by generations to come.




What was your style like as a child & how would you describe your style now?

I loved dressing up as a child, my speciality was putting on as many of my clothes as possible in as many different colours. These days I am the opposite and mostly wear very simple classic tailoring in black, white and grey, my childhood wardrobe sounds a lot more fun.




Did anything in particular inspire you to follow a career in fashion and become a stylist?

I grew up around fashion, my father is a photographer so I always wanted to have a creative job and have always loved clothes, so it seemed a natural decision for me to go into styling.


What are the top 3 items you always carry around with you?

My phone is normally in my hand, my diary and Toto my daughter’s toy monkey that my mum made for her out of my cashmere socks!




How do you style your daughter?

My mother kept everything from when I was little, I have smocked dresses that my great grandmother made for her, and dresses my mother made for my sister and I. My daughter wears these now as well as beautiful new pieces but with an old feel. She is also half Spanish so I like that to be reflected in the clothes she wears. I love to put her in smocked dresses, knitted cardigans, knee high socks, Mary Janes and make her really girly, and then the next day in striped Osh Kosh dungarees over a jumper with trainers. She loves getting dressed up which makes it fun for me.




Do you have any tips for mums on how to style themselves and keep up to date with the latest trends?

My motto has always been forget the trends and find a uniform style that you feel great in. Have a wardrobe full of beautiful staples and then add in the odd trend led piece to update it. While I was pregnant I stayed away from maternity clothes and instead invested in pieces I could also wear after my daughter was born.




Do you have any tips for our mums?

During pregnancy get into Hypnobirthing yoga, I now swear by it. Post birth, increase the storage on your phone because you will not stop taking photographs.

For children’s clothing buy any truly special pieces at least 6 months bigger so they last. If you want to keep your baby clothes for the next little one, or future grandchildren then you need sandwich bags! Put each item in its own individual sandwich bag and seal them up (you might need to squash the air out). You can put them away for years with no moths and no musty smell.


From La Coqueta’s Summer collection what are your favourite 3 pieces this season and how would you style them?

The blush dress, check shorts and blue frill dress are my favourite pieces. I couldn’t help putting them into outfits to show you how I would style them.




Arganda Girl DressRisa Girl CardiganGirl Mary Janes Beige




Alma Girl DressSmall Bow Clip BurgundyBaena Girl Cardigan Light GreyGirl Mary Janes Red




Grinon Girl ShirtMecina Girl ShortsAvarca Sandals White