The Christmas Edit with Victoria Moss

The Christmas season is all about spending time with those we love. We all have those special traditions with our friends and family that we hold dear to our hearts. This year, we caught up with Victoria Moss, Senior Fashion Editor at Daily Telegraph to find out her most treasured traditions.

What is your favourite family Christmas tradition?

My Christmas is fairly low key and homely, although the recent addition of my now 18m old daughter has certainly given things a different flavour.

Lunch will never be served until at least 4pm (and that’s on a good year); by that point we’ll have forgotten to watch the Queen’s speech and eaten most of the Quality Street. We’ll probably be at least two seasons of Peppa Pig in before needing to escape. And so, my two brothers, nephew, daughter and various husbands and wives will head out to the river by Hampton Court Palace with Digby and Milo, my mother’s two truculent Jack Russells. The crisp air, low sun and sight of the Palace in the distance is my happy place. Once we’re pink cheeked enough, we’ll get back just in time to pull out the perfectly crisp potatoes, fill up our wine glasses and settle down to the feast of the year. I can guarantee we’ll all be asleep on the sofa by 7pm. Latest.

What is your favourite piece from the La Coqueta Autumn Winter collection and why?

The Atalanta burgundy dungarees are divine! And much more practical for running around a playground in than a dress (as gorgeous as they all are). I’d pair them with the Boliva Girl Shirt, grey tights and black Mary Janes for a super cute tomboy-ish festive look.