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10 November 2017

Héloïse Motte is a talented illustrator who has worked with La Coqueta on many occasions creating beautiful and imaginative illustrations and animations. Her most recent work for us was the wonderful animation Falling Into Winter a tale about our new AW17 collection. We speak to Heloise about her passion for illustration and her new book The Supermarket Parade which is soon to be released.

Tell us about your background, how did you arrive at where you are now, and when did your passion for illustration begin?

I had always been creative from a young age, I constantly had ideas that I brought to life through drawing, sewing, putting things together. I then went on to study interior design at an applied arts school in Paris, where I developed my passion for design and drawing, painting and modelling. I really had a great time at art school and loved the fact that the teaching was really open, everybody was encouraged to develop their own personal style.


What made you want to become an illustrator?

It sort of just happened. When leaving a friend's place or travelling I used to illustrate cards and give them as a way of saying thank you for their hospitality, gifting these cards at birthdays and so on. My friends loved it and started to commission me to make posters, cards, invitations.

It was a great encouragement and made me want to do more, I opened an Instagram account to share what I was doing and it sort of grew from there. I am now working professionally for clients, answering private and commercial commissions, such as for La Coqueta which I am very fond of! I draw quite fast in a freehand and loose way that brings spontaneity and life to my scribbles. I also do more detailed or realistic drawings but it's not really me, I love colour and inaccuracy it adds life to them!

Where do you take your inspiration from?

I come from quite a big family, being the youngest and the lucky auntie of 11 super cute kids. I love them all for different reasons and it is wonderful to see each child developing their own personality and interests. I like reading them stories and drawing with them, I love the freedom and confidence they have when filling in the blank page. This, going to see exhibitions and buying picture books is all very inspiring.


You have a beautiful new picture book titled " The Supermarket Parade” that you are currently crowdfunding for. Tell us how this book came about?

Thank you! Illustrating a children's book was a dream come true for me, and it is hopefully the first of a long list. I got in touch with a friend's friend, who writes stories for kids and she had this idea in mind: telling the tale about a night in a supermarket where the ingredients come to life.

I thought it was inspiring and started imagining the characters, giving them personality and animating them into actions. I showed the drawings in progress to kids I know and they responded very well to them which was very motivating. After about 2 years working on this book, we are very excited to self-publish it!


You can help this beautiful picture book reach the check-out stage by pre-ordering it for you and your friends, here is a small excerpt from the book:


"Have you ever wondered what happens at night,

when the Supermarket doors shut nice and tight, 

when the lights go out and the trolleys are still

and there's no more shoppers at the till?

Well then turn the page, take a peek in, 

the supermarket parade is about to begin!"


Click here to go to the crowdfunding page and find the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones and friends.

To find out more about the illustrator Heloise Petitpois, follow her work on Instagram @heloisepetitpois

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