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29 January 2018


We teamed up with Miko Design to introduce Iria and Miranda, the first dolls for La Coqueta. Blending our vintage inspired flower and checked fabrics with Miko’s iconic dolls, the result is a sweet, matching add-on for little girls’ outfits – and the perfect Christmas gift idea.

Read on to learn about Miko’s founder Erika Harberts and discover how our Founder, Celia, worked together with the Scandinavian designer to create these fun new additions by reutilising fabric scraps.

How did the collaboration between La Coqueta Kids and Miko Design come about?

E: For me it all started when I saw a photo on Instagram of one of my dolls in the bedroom of Celia’s daughter. I found that the doll really fitted in La Coqueta’s universe and thought it would be a lovely idea to make mini versions of their collection. I contacted Celia and shared my idea with her and after a few emails and samples we ended up with these beautiful product.

C: I have been a Miko dolls fan for a very long time, pretty much since I started La Coqueta. I love the doll’s sleek, modern aesthetic and how they really come to life with all the details and accessories that Erika adds to them. Erika’s Instagram feed is also delightful and it is one of my favourite accounts to follow. We have had Miko dolls at home for the past two years, and there isn’t a night that my girls don’t go to bed without their favourite doll.

Erika, what drew you to collaborate with Celia?

E: We met in London a few years ago and I have been following her every step online since. I love her designs and personal style, not only reflected on her collections but also in her home life.

C: Many of the things I do at La Coqueta are influenced by what my children wear, do, like or would like to have… I find them a very reliable source of information when it comes to doing my research! I find my children love having all sorts of teddies and fluffy things around them when they go to bed. I am not a big fan of those, so I found incorporating Miko dolls to that army of toys was a good compromise, they just happen to look a lot nicer!

Where did the inspiration for this new product come from?

E: I loved the new Autumn Winter 16 collection, and I was mainly inspired by the autumnal mood of the clothes. I love the deep colours, rich textures and prints. I wanted to recreate that feel with the dolls.

C: The inspiration comes from mixing Erika’s dolls aesthetic and our own statement styles at La Coqueta. We thought the colours and vintage inspired feel of the fabric dolls were very complimentary to our collection. We also took this as an opportunity to reutilise fabric scraps derived from the making of our clothing pieces, repurposing material that otherwise would have ended up in landfill.

Erica, what process did you go through when coming up with the two designs?

After receiving the new collection’s lookbook I made a few sketches that then turned into samples using La Coqueta’s lovely fabrics, to see what looks would work well for the dolls. It was not about making exact copies of the styles but more about recreating the brand’s look and feel, in a doll version.

Celia, can we expect more products and designs from you both in the future?

Working together has been a wonderful experience. Erika and I are stylistically aligned and we shall keep looking for ways to collaborate in the future.



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