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29 March 2019

  This week we are celebrating Mother’s Day with Laura Wills – a wonderful woman and stylish mum of two, soon to be three, beautiful little girls. Laura founded The Fashion Bug blog in early 2015 as a way to express herself through personal style, travels and most recent family. Read more to catch up on all things fashion and family.

What is your favourite Mother’s Day memory growing up? What was the most special thing you did for your mother?

Honestly, I don’t remember something specifically related to Mother’s Day but I always thought of little ways to make my mother happy. I would pick flowers for her or berries at our summer house in Finland. On school trips when she gave me some pocket money I would save it apart from a little I would buy her a gift with. We have a memory board at home that is filled with little notes I wrote for her. For me, it wasn’t about Mother’s Day specifically but I loved doing everything with her!


Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions with your husband and two children? What is your favourite Mother’s Day memory with your family so far?

The girls are still so tiny - my eldest is 2.5 - but just all getting into bed together first thing in the morning and usually the girls “write cards” for me and give me flowers. I look forward to so many Mother’s Days with them and creating new traditions.


What means the most to you on Mother’s Day?

Becoming a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me - so it’s nice to have a day to really remember that as motherhood can be pretty busy! But I like to also remind myself of it every day - for me, it’s all about the little things - those are the things you remember.


How did you first discover La Coqueta, and what is your favourite thing about the brand?

I think a friend told me about it and I was hooked ever since. I love the prints, how you have matching pieces for different ages and how it has a very traditional feel.


What are your favourite pieces from the new La Coqueta SS19 Collection?

I always love your newborn sets - I’ve bought a few in neutral colours for my baby number 3 who is due in 10 days (we are not finding out the gender this time!) Other favourites are Calista, Herminia and Cardana. But honestly, I just love everything!! 

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