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5 May 2021 No comments
Little girls can teach mum a thing or two when it comes to styling this season. Introducing our debut Mummy & Me footwear collection now online, exclusively at La Coqueta. To celebrate the launch we thought it was only fitting to talk with some of our favourite mums in the fashion world, discussing the driving force behind their fabled careers, signature style and how the industry is developing in light of recent years, as they and their daughters model our new collection.
The debut collection launches with three signature styles, now available in an extended size range fit for adults. Mums and daughters have the option of our classic T-Bar Shoes in metallic gold or vibrant fuschia leather or the refined Suede Mary Janes in classic black.
For Founder, Creative Director and the designing force behind the collection, Celia Muñoz, the collection was a long time coming. After founding La Coqueta in 2013, Celia has been at the helm of the brand for nearly a decade, continuously looking to develop product ranges in light of client's evolving needs and shifts in the fashion paradigm.
What inspired you to develop La Coqueta shoes for Mummies?
As always, what inspired me to bring a capsule for mummies was the encouragement I received from many customers over the years. I cannot hide that I was thrilled to do it from a personal perspective too as I do wear La Coqueta’s shoes all the time, so does my mother!
How do you feel your aesthetic as a designer has evolved over the years?
My aesthetic hasn’t changed much, we do traditional fashion and this is something that is quite timeless, not very much influenced by trends. In the past few years, we have really focused on bringing new products based on our customers’ demands and this has obviously widened our horizons range wise. At La Coqueta our customer is king and it is important the brand evolves in order to adapt to our customers’ ever-changing needs but still keeping faithful to our roots and my own aesthetic.
How have your children influenced this?
My children have all very different styles but they do love the shoes we offer. They have been wearing our shoes since they were babies! My children have often asked me if I could bring the shoes in bigger sizes so that we could all be matching, we went through a matching phase although now that some are teenagers would see it as a great source of embarrassment.
How did you find designing the latest collections at home during a lockdown? Will your daughters be involved in designing future La Coqueta collections too?
The idea of not being able to attend trade shows was terrifying at first but just like we have all done during COVID times, I adapted to a new way of working and it has gone very well. Our current SS21 collection was designed during the first lockdown, all has been done remotely and it is doing really well so I am pleased. My daughters will not be involved in La Coqueta’s designs unless they decide they want to work for the business in many years to come. I like to encourage them to do their own thing and then time will tell but it is important to me that they know I have no interest in carving their professional career, they need to pursue their own dreams just like my husband and I did.
Are there any special projects you are working on for La Coqueta at the moment?
We always have interesting projects going on as it is important to keep doing new things in order to surprise our customer and refresh our collections. 
What is one piece of advice you wish you had when starting out?
Recruit the best team you can from day 1. Working with a really good team and maintaining it is everything to the success of a business if the product is good.
What other collections would you like to develop for La Coqueta in the future? Can we expect more adult styles?
The idea of making clothes for adults is very tempting but the reality is that we are children’s fashion specialists and it is easy to get carried away and try to tick too many boxes. So many people do it so well in adult fashion that I do not feel the need to do that. Time will tell but for now, traditional childrenswear is what we do and it is important we do it well without getting overly distracted on things we have less experience on.
Conde Nast fashion royalty, mother-of-two and former Sunday Times Style Jewellery Editor, Alice Edwards needs no introduction to style fanatics. Now the founder of Memo Press, a beautiful bespoke stationery brand, we caught up with the all-star writer, brand consultant and editor to join our new team of La Coqueta sole-mates.
Tell us a little bit about your work and how you first got into journalism and brand consulting.
I fell in love with magazines and journalism during a work experience placement when I was 18 and never looked back. I interned relentlessly during university and luckily was in the right place at the right time when a job came up at Tatler a couple of months after I graduated. I had the most wonderful few years there as their Jewellery Editor before moving to the Times and the Sunday Times in the same role. My mother always told me to leave the party at the height and after a magical trip to Venice with Dior I knew with absolute certainty nothing would ever beat that. So after almost 10 completely brilliant years in journalism covering jewellery & watches, I decided I wanted a new challenge. I started Memo, a bespoke stationery company in October 2020 and now split my time between running that alongside brand consultancy & a bit of beauty journalism (I have a no so secret obsession with beauty and health and love being about to still write).
What do you regard as your ‘signature style’ and how does this translate when dressing your children?
Classic with a subtle modern twist. In the winter I live in J Brand or MOTHER denim with simple knitwear, in the summer I have a rotating wardrobe of midi dresses. Dressing my two children is, without doubt, one of my favourite activities. Luckily for now our tastes seem to align, most of the time. I love classic styles but again with a contemporary take, my daughter Honor loves floral print dresses and mary janes and my son loves collarless shirts and is very specific about how soft his sweaters have to be. He particularly can’t wait for warmer weather as he has a small obsession with shorts!
What is your favourite La Coqueta piece?
For girls; the dresses, they are just so beautiful and balance being traditional with an expected element whether it’s the colour or the print. They’re always unmistakably La Coqueta. For boys, I love collarless shirts. Whatever the weather they’re total staples for my son, and keep him looking smart without being stuffy.
How did you first hear about La Coqueta?
I’ve been dressing my daughter in La Coqueta since before she was born. I found the brand on Instagram and ordered several knitted rompers before she arrived in neutral tones (we didn’t know what we were having). I would honestly say more than half their wardrobes are now La Coqueta, we’ve never looked back.
What are three key jewellery investments you would recommend?
I have four pieces of jewellery I rarely ever take off. My watch, my wedding ring, my charm bracelet and my Gypset earrings by Jessica McCormack. I would always recommend investing in the pieces you wear every day rather than anything you’re going to ‘save for best'. Fine jewellery is designed to last, it’s made to be worn and imbued with a lifetime of stories. My favourite designers are Sophie Bille Brahe, Sophie Keegan and Jessica McCormack. Georgina Boyce is also a total genius when it comes to bespoke and has spent years helping me put my charm bracelet together; very much still a work in progress.
"I was always inspired to create – forever in the garage with my father as a child, inventing things," says Candice Lake. The model-turned-photographer and designer was scouted while attending law school and moved from her native Sydney to New York – "the prospect of a ticket to see the world was incredibly alluring," she says. She quickly became the face of Ralph Lauren, was shot for Vogue and walked in countless runway shows. Then, a campaign with photographer Steven Meisel for Versace triggered a new direction. "He only took 10 to 15 frames, I thought for sure I’d been dropped," she says. "Months later I saw myself on a billboard – it looked so different to how I’d seen the shoot. I knew at that moment it was what I wanted to do with my life." Lake went back to art school – "one of the most inspiring times of my life" – and then set about assisting "anyone and everyone". Determined to learn all sides of the industry, she moved to London in 2009 and approached British Vogue. She received a commission to shoot street-style in New York, "right as it was beginning to take off", kickstarting her photography career. "I have a relatively unique perspective as I have been on every side of the industry," she says: "from model, stylist, photographer’s assistant, commercial sales, designer to photographer."
Do you have a favourite camera to shoot on?
I always shoot on a Canon 5D Mark IV.
What do you regard as your ‘signature style’ and how does this translate when dressing your children?
I like to dress my kids in an effortless way. We spend most of our time in Hampstead Heath in London and my children love to climb trees and ride their bikes, so whilst their clothes need to be absolutely functional, I like to dress them in a ‘uniform' of linen shirts and long sleeve dresses - so they can go straight from playing in the park to a restaurant. My son loves to wear his La Coqueta super soft chinos and linen shirts almost every day as they are incredibly comfortable and soft. Olympia lives in the dresses as whilst they are beautiful - they are not too delicate to run around in. She will pop on some tights and either wear her trainers or her t-bar shoes -depending on where we are going. My baby Orson is two months old and has almost exclusively worn the cashmere sets. I can not recommend them more. So soft and luxurious, with the chicest little white collar.
What is your favourite La Coqueta piece?
Definitely the cashmere sets for baby’s, the long sleeve dresses for little girls, the sweet bow clips that we have in EVERY colour, and the boys' chinos - they are so, so soft! Also, the woollen Arrieta coat is a great investment as it is unisex and I have passed it through my children - it’s warm and really chic.
How did you first hear about La Coqueta?
When I had my daughter, one of my best friends gave Olympia two beautiful La Coqueta dresses. From then on, I have been hooked! I love popping into the store in Notting hill - it’s just so beautiful.
Earning her fashion stripes at the iconic Tatler, former Conde Nast Fashion Director Anna Bromilow is no stranger to style, high society and all-around glamour. Now raising three daughters in West Hampstead, whilst contributing to one of our favourite fashion websites SheerLuxe, the fashion and celebrity stylist and consultant is one of our go-to's for elegant style and impeccable dressing.
What do you enjoy most about being a stylist running your own business?
Apart from the fact I have always been completely obsessed with clothes and fashion, to be able to spend my working life being creative is an utter privilege. I am also very appreciative of the amazing, varied people I have met along the way, from private clients to world-renowned photographers, everyone has a story and it’s these connections and memories you take with you through life.
Are there any special projects you are working on at the moment?
Yes, most of which are confidential! I have a creative collaboration with a brand coming out that I’m excited about and am juggling lots of very different types of projects from campaign work to personal styling so it’s going to be a packed year. The sun is out, the diary is full and things are moving with pace again – I’m so pleased the fashion industry is feeling buoyant after a tough year.
What three items of clothing do you recommend investing in this season?
Well, I tend to gravitate towards a new pair of statement shoes that are game-changers and open up my wardrobe, a dress or jumpsuit (they are always a great investment and I just can’t resist a fab one-stop-shop look) and a wardrobe staple like a piece of knitwear or outerwear that fills a gap or helps to compliment a few key outfits. I’m not terribly good at buying very simple wardrobe staples as they always feel like a bit of a boring buy! I go with my heart and invest in pieces to swoon over.
What is your favourite La Coqueta piece?
I am very much into pretty collars and so for me, the Odisea is a standout dress. It’s the kind of piece that you’d never be able to source again, which always swings it for me.
Luxury PR and the name Alexandra Carello go hand in hand. Having worked with brands and retailers including Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and NET-A-PORTER to name a few before launching her namesake company, Alexandra Carello Consulting, the mother-of-one has a plethora of dynamic experience that revolutionises client's modern communications and brand marketing.
How did you first get into luxury PR and communications?
I just knew from about 15 that I wanted to work in fashion but it took me a while to find my niche. I started doing internships from the age of 15 working for stylists, magazines, production houses. I worked for Vogue, Tatler, Glamour and then did a summer internship at a PR agency during university and it all clicked. I loved the pace and the strategy and since then I have been working in PR. My first job after university was with Louis Vuitton.
How do you think the industry has evolved over the last year in light of the pandemic?
I think many of the permanent effects remain to be seen. I do think the industry will retain a physical aspect, the face to face and physical interaction with clothing cannot be replaced with the virtual world. Clothing is made to be worn, seen, touched and I know the majority have missed this. However, I do think the industry will be complemented better by the virtual and what we will see is a better hybrid so that people can choose to interact with a brand in the way they feel most comfortable. Brands will be more capable with the virtual side and I think it will have a huge impact on how brands approach retail.
What do you regard as your signature style, and how does this influence how you dress your daughter?
My signature style is quite varied. It is quite preppy and my love of hairbands precedes me. I love colour, I love accentuating the waist and short things definitely look better on me. I also love jackets with a good shoulder. My mum has a treasure trove of them. But I still like to think I can surprise people with my choices and love a good biker boot so it is not too girly.

I like Olimpia to look like a child and don’t like dressing her in anything too complicated or grown-up. I definitely choose girly things and things with colour and pattern just like me. I adore that she is really getting into her clothes now and makes her own decisions in the morning. She loves clashing patterns like me! I love that this side of me has rubbed off on her.
What is your favourite La Coqueta piece?
Probably the dress I chose for Olimpia to wear in the campaign. It is beautiful and just perfect for her. I also adore the sets for babies, Olimpia had one in pink.
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