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6 July 2017

We speak with photographer, content creator and mother of four Cécile Molinié, about her creative pursuits and how she spends weekends with her family taking in the fresh countryside air and eating good food.  

(from left to right: Baptiste, Cécile,Timothée, Eglantine and Pauline)

How do you describe yourself and the work you do?

I am Cécile Molinié a French mother of 4. Life has been full of surprises these past years, from an exciting but very demanding (part time) job in the French Senate, to photography and styling. I have always had a creative side and love cooking, interior design, kids' clothing fashion and photography. It has always helped me to deal with the pressure at work and to connect with what matters the most to me. I have been working as a photographer and visual story teller 2 and a half years now.    

The scope of your work is quite broad and your family life seems to be extremely busy. What does a week day look like for you and how do you make it all work?

You are right! I work for interior design galleries, textile designers, kids’ fashion companies and sometimes style photoshoots and create visual content. So the scope of work is wide, as are my interests. My children are more grown up now, which means more flexibility and freedom as the older ones can take care of the little ones when I need it. The good thing about working as a freelancer is that you can take your work anywhere as long as there is Wifi. To make everything work, I do like every working mother, I am extremely organised and plan everything. A basic week day starts with taking my youngest girl to school at 8.30am, before this I often start to cook something for lunch such as oven roasted veggies or a cake for dessert. When you live in a big city like Paris, everything is within a walking distance. Sometimes I stop and take a cup of coffee with the other mums, we have a great supportive group of mothers in the neighbourhood. Then shop for fresh baguette, meat or veggies from the market and head home. Then it is work, emails and meetings until 11.30 when the kids come home for lunch. The afternoons are dedicated to work or meetings and by 16.30 when school ends I work from home surrounded by the children. When the homework is done, I have time for my work again, the good thing is that I (like many mothers) know how to get back to work after being interrupted.


What do you enjoy most about your work? And the least?

What I love the most about my job is being creative and the fascinating people you meet. My job challenges me to find inspiration in the mundane but there is so much to inspire all around Paris, whether it be attending an art gallery, museum or reading a great book! What I like the least is the technical aspect of the job, but I am getting better, all the paper work and the deadlines.  

Describe your family lifestyle during the weekends? What is your favourite thing to do?

I love weekends and the feeling of a blank page full of possibilities. We all slow down, we often try to escape the city for a long walk in the countryside, or visit a castle near Paris. We love to eat very good but simple food as my husband and children are gourmets. The kids have a huge list of favourite meals and desserts, and they take real pleasure in eating them. We think that weekends are meant for relaxing so ours are never all fully booked. We might watch a movie together or play boards games, I prefer to go to the museums during the week as on Wednesday afternoons they are free to attend for French children.  

You have beautiful children, how would you define each of their styles?

Thank you! When they were little (15-18 years ago) the kids’ fashion world was very narrow and I used to sew clothes for Pauline and Timothée. I wanted them to wear clothes in subtle colours or unique liberty prints that I couldn’t always afford. I always thought it was a pity that baby boys and toddlers couldn’t have as comfortable and light summer clothes as the girls, so I made a lot of cotton poplin shorts and trousers for them. Now all grown up they all have their own individual style. Pauline is very unique, she loves ethnic, vintage and beautiful clothes. She buys few but great ones and she often borrows my jumpers. Timothée and Baptiste are very much teen boys, they live mostly in t-shirts, sweat shirts and jeans. I try to find nice shapes and colours but sometimes you can’t avoid the football club tee shirt. Eglantine is the real coquette of the family. Super feminine since she was a young girl, always in a dress or a skirt, in classic prints and great fabrics. She inherited clothes from Pauline and some of her friends and mixes everything in her unique way.    

What do you like about La Coqueta and what are your 5 favourite pieces this season?

I love how timeless La Coqueta pieces are, and as I know how to sew I really appreciate all the care for details, like the lining and lace finishing. You can see the clothes are high quality. 

Cacia dress • Algueta dress • Hiruela playsuit

Eglantine has fallen for the Cacia dress, perfect for spring and late summer. Styled with glitter socks, maybe ballet flats or little boots it is super cute. I also liked Algueta dress out of the girl's dresses range, such a lovely shape and print, summer in a dress! The Rozas nightgown or pyjamas are perfect boy's & girl's nightwear, they remind me of my childhood. The Mary Jane shoes in all colours, or the shiny red if I had to chose one pair. The desert boots are great too! The Campo jumper is a classic, I like to mix stripes, prints and colours. And the coats from this season are so chic, the Romina for example with the delicate printed lining, and the Hiruela playsuit, so cute. Follow Cécile on Instagram here.

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