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12 June 2018

  We chat with Jessica Diner, beauty and lifestyle director at Vogue about how she found herself in her dream job, testing and writing about everything to do with beauty, her tips on products perfect for expectant mothers, and her rules on style when it comes to dressing herself and her little boy Noah.  

Tell us how did you come to discover the world of beauty?

I have always loved beauty products beyond measure, but it wasn’t until I did an internship at Tatler after university, that I realised that working in the beauty industry on the media side was a possibility. It combined my two loves of beauty (and all that it entails – products, health, fitness, wellbeing) and writing, and from then on I was permanently hooked. I knew it was my calling.    

How did you come to work at Vogue, what are the best things about working for such an iconic magazine?

Through interning. I interned for a while, got a permanent role as Beauty Assistant, worked there for just over eight years, left to go to Birchbox, and then returned last summer. The best part about working here is that it doesn’t feel like work, every day is an adventure.

The beauty market is an extremely overwhelming market for some. What is your approach when it comes to navigating your way through all of the products on offer?

Try before you buy! There are so many different and brilliant sampling services out there that if you’re really not certain about something, experiment with it first before taking the plunge into buying it full size. Disclaimer! I used to work for beauty subscription service, Birchbox, but it really showed me the value of trying products little and often to find out what really works for you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions – if you’re intrigued to buy a product but have reservations, reach out to the brand via their social channels and ask them what they think. There’s never been more transparency in beauty, as well as open communication between brand and customer.


Tell us about your pregnancy, any tips or tricks for expectant mothers, or go to beauty products you discovered whilst pregnant?

Be kind to yourself. And rest. Just know what your limitations are when you’re growing a small human and allow yourself time to indulge in that process. I was definitely guilty of always being ‘on’ when I was still working whilst pregnant, but there were times when I just listened to my body being tired and just chilled out. I liked to lather myself in the Elemis Camelia Oil during pregnancy, I don’t have one stretch-mark to speak of. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


When it comes to dressing yourself and your little one what is your approach?

It’s all about comfort and ease. For me I like to look my best but feel relaxed and comfy (that’s why my go-to outfits are always quite loose-fitting dresses), and the same goes for my little boy. He’s two and doesn’t sit still, so he needs to be comfortable to run about!


What are your favourite items from La Coqueta SS18?

We don’t seem to be having much of a spring in London so the Goyo jumper is a favourite, but the Bermuda shorts and lightweight shirts are perfect for when the sunshine will actually arrive.   jessica-d-choice You can follow Jessica on Instagram here @jessicadiner

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