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26 May 2017

We talk to cook, TV host and super-mum, Mimi Thorisson, about family life, fashion, her passion for food and living in the french countryside.

When did your passion for food start?

Oh, I think I must have been about 5 years old! I come from a family of 'gourmands', so I must have inherited a passion for good food, especially from my father. I have always loved eating well, loving great restaurants, searching for the best ingredients...  I spent all my summers with my French aunt and grandmother, they taught me everything about cooking seasonal food. 

You moved from Paris to the countryside and you mention on your blog that the idea was more your husband’s… How did you find that change and what were the things that allowed you to embrace your new lifestyle?

At first, when my husband talked about the plan to move to the countryside, I laughed and thought it was a nice idea but impossible. Then 2 days later, I realised that it was indeed a great idea, and nothing was stopping us. The timing was right because our children were so small, allowing us to have more flexibility with schools and friends. The first year was all about adapting to this new life. It's incredible to change lives completely, to live and feel the nature that surrounds you. I feel in love with my new environment, and felt so inspired to write and share my cooking with everyone around me. Being a city girl at heart, I have definitely turned into a country girl! To sum it up, country life has given me total freedom. 

Tell us a little bit about your family and how you manage to find a work-life balance that works for your husband and you as a couple, your children and yourself?

We are a big family. When I met my husband, he had 2 kids aged 7 and 9, and I had one daughter aged nearly 2. We fell in love and had 5 children together. So now we are 8, and we love our big family. Regarding a balanced life, I think the key is to blend everything together until it works, just like a recipe. You need time to raise your kids, time to work, time for your marriage, and they are all important. It might sound ironic, but I simply do not ask myself how to do it, I do not question myself. I just do it with all the strength in the world, and I know it's going to be all great! And it works!

Five words that define your style. And your children’s clothing stle?

For me, timeless, elegant, feminine, confident and chic. For the kids, old-fashioned, timeless, chic, cute and iconic. 

We are big fans of your books… What can tell our readers about them?

Thank you! I love writing stories, and I am passionate about food. So it's a combination of all that, set in the Médoc, south of France. I want my reader to feel intrigued to cook my recipes and feel happy and satisfied! It's all about gathering around the table and having a great time. Fabulous family cooking for all.

Discover Mimi's books here. 

What do you like about La Coqueta’s style and what are your five favourite pieces? 

La Coqueta has become one of my favourites! I love how timeless the clothes are, it's exactly what I look for in children's clothing. Having so many children, I have always sought beautiful and timeless pieces, and it is so lovely to pass them on to their siblings. I especially love the girl’s dresses for this current collection, especially the Aranda dress and Pradera dress. And baby Lucian's Perala pyjama is the best! The Mary-Jane shoes are perfect for any outfit and the Boalena boy's look is perfect for my boys!


L-R: Arganda Dress, Pradera Dress, Aranda Dress, Boalena Boy Look, Perala Pyjama & Girl Mary Janes

What’s in your handbag and what items can’t you live without? 

My iPhone, Céline's 'Audrey' sunglasses, a Chanel blush called pink explosion for my cheeks, an Astier de Vilatte notebook, a toy for baby Lucian.



Do you have any style tips for mums?

I love timeless pieces, and I am often searching for that one special dress from the 30's or 50's... It's a little passion of mine. I am really into long skirts, which I wear with a denim shirt or a grey T-shirt. Otherwise I am devoted to dresses, I love feeling feminine and out of time. I don't really follow trends, I think it's so important to express your individual style. Classic Staples like a camel coat, a Stella McCartney blazer, a Chanel handbag, a little black dress, Repetto heels are a must in my closet.   

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