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11 May 2018

Brittany Jepsen is the founder of The House that Lars Built, a blog filled will endless inspiration and ideas on craft, style, design and food, in addition to this she recently published her first book The Craft Rainbow filled with colourful paper cut projects to make at home. We have always been big fans of Brittany and love the way she continues to wow and inspire others, her projects are playful and lighthearted and can’t help but bring a smile to your face. When we heard the news that Brittany expecting we greatly anticipated the makeover of her nursery. We chat to Brittany about her nursery makeover, and life as a mum to baby Jasper. 

What was on your checklist when it came to preparing the nursery for Jasper?

Preparing Jasper’s nursery was one of the most exciting things about having a baby. I honestly didn’t know what I needed so I referred to friends and family for advice about what I needed now versus what I would need in a number of months from now or even years. Thankfully, I worked with a lot of great companies who provided several pieces of furniture and accessories for it. Pretty much the only thing I was interested in doing was creating a whimsical space. And it’s even more whimsical in person than it is in the photos!

Do you have any advice for those of us less experienced in design on how to approach a room makeover like your own, tell us about your process?

If you’re not confident in your design decision, I’d recommend starting with solid mood boards. Collect images of rooms and elements you like and write down exactly why you like them. Actually verbalising what it is that you like will help you make good decisions!

How would you describe your interior style and where do you take your inspiration from?

I’d say my interior style is part French, part Scandinavian folk. I’ve always loved looking to Gustavian Swedish style. I wanted my walls to have a botanical yet moody feel so I referenced the work of Degournay’s gorgeous wallpaper in the mural I had commissioned by Drew Toolson. My palette prior to creating Jasper’s room was much more on the warmer side so I had fun exploring the colder colours of the spectrum. I’ve loved adding in pops of primary colours like a tomato red and mustard yellow.

It’s all in the detail. Can you tell us about any special pieces or features you added to the room?

I have a number of vintage pieces in Jasper’s room that I had bought years ago that I didn’t intend to be used in a baby nursery, but they all just happened to work out so well. One of them is a globe that used to sit on my grandfather’s desk. It’s the one piece I inherited from my grandparents so it’s really special to me. My husband also found some vintage framed prints of dogs one year ago that he’s loved and once again, they just so happen to work super well here. A former contributor to The House That Lars Built, Corrie Beth Hogg, who is a paper artist, created a paper pilea plant for J’s nursery and it’s such a special piece.

Tell us about your experience of motherhood so far. Do you have any tips for expecting mothers, pre and post birth?

My birth experience was unexpectedely eventful. I had been planning a minimal-assistance birth at a birthing center, but while labouring in a birthing pool I had an eclamptic seizure and had to be transferred to the hospital. Jasper was eventually delivered and all turned out to be well in the end, but it was a scary day especially since eclampsia is the number one killer of women and babies in birth (you can read more about my birth experience here). My advice would be to prepare for the arrival of your baby the best you can, but be flexible if something needs to occur differently. I think being open to what was going to happen was the best thing I could have done.

Motherhood so far has been quite a magical experience. Thankfully, I’ve had help from my husband over the past three months and baby has slept rather well the whole time, so I’m sure those factors had something to do with my experience. I know not everyone has a magical experience because it’s HARD! And yes, I have my moments too. My advice would be to seek assistance if you can. Even if it’s to get a nap in!



If you were selecting a gift for a mother to be from La Coqueta SS18 collection what would you choose and why? 

I’ve been a huge fan of La Coqueta for a number of years now. It’s nod to the past while remaining fresh and charming is what attracts me to the brand. For a new mother I’d probably gift one of the newborn sets like the Florida baby set or the Lirio baby set. They just scream “welcome to the World”!

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