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28 March 2019


How did this partnership come about?

I absolutely love La Coqueta and love to dress my daughter in their lovely clothes. When I am met Celia it organically felt like there was something fun and new we could do together so we didn't hesitate!

In what aspects do you feel La Coqueta and the Sabine Getty are aligned?

My brand is very much about finding a balance between the old and the new. I feel that La Coqueta is exactly the same creating classic shapes and yet having fun with colours and fabrics.


What was the inspiration/process for creating this collection?

I was very much inspired by my daughter Gene and how I would ideally like to dress her. I love to dress her in colourful clothes that match her personality. I also love to dress her in shorts and boys clothes which is why we made those pieces for girls too.


What was your favourite La Coqueta X Sabine Getty piece?

My favourite has to be the lovely white dress with a red collar and blue, green and yellow borders (pipings) it totally defines the playful direction of this collection.


How would you describe your childhood?

I had a happy childhood filled with colour at home. I believe I was a dreamer from very early on!

    At what age did you start becoming style aware? A bit too late probably… I don't think I even knew what the word style meant until my 20s. Maybe that’s for the best because I have my very own idea of what I like and I’m not very influenceable. Did your career change after having children? If so how? Yes, a lot! I have this urge to do creative things and remain very active in my work life and yet at the very same time I am much more selective of the project I choose to pursue and treasure my family time more than anything in the world.   

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