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9 January 2018

In May 2017 Hailey, her husband Zack and little boy Owen decided to pack up their bags and travel the world. For nearly 6 months they have been living abroad and discovering what life is like on the road. We speak to Hailey about her travels so far and the place she calls home.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

My name is Hailey, I’m a wife, mother, writer, podcaster and the founder of the lifestyle blog, Household Mag. The blog started as a creative outlet as I awaited my first child, and through this, I found ways to connect with other moms and shared the things that inspire me the most. Over the last two years, it turned into a thriving business and I was fortunate enough to take Household Mag full time almost a year ago. Since then, my husband Zack also began freelance writing, and in May we left to travel the world with our son Owen. Life is crazy and beautiful and we always do our best to share our honest perspective on it all.


Earlier this year you decided to pack your bags and travel the world. Tell us about your travels, what were the highlights and what were the hardest parts?

Since May we have lived in France, Germany, Croatia, Iceland, Canada and various cities in the United States. Travel has been an incredible experience for us for numerous reasons, but I believe that ultimately the greatest take away we got from bouncing around has been the closeness we’ve achieved as a family. Prior to our travels, Zack worked in corporate America - long hours plus a commute and even sometimes work in the evenings and weekends. It took a toll on our family and we knew early on in Owen’s life that this lifestyle wouldn’t be sustainable longterm. After brainstorming it was actually cheaper for us to sell our belongings, travel and work remotely while we each built our businesses up. To our surprise, it worked. After eight months, a lot of hard work and a number of challenges we are heading back to NYC in the new year and will be able to maintain our remote positions and time together as a family. The hardest part about life on the road was not having our own personal space and community surrounding us. We’re really looking forward to heading home but we wouldn’t change a thing!


You must be an expert when it comes to travelling with children. What are your top tips?

Ah, travelling with kids is exhausting and challenging, but to be completely honest once we got through the travel days themselves Owen adjusted far easier than Zack or I in each of our destinations. If you can maintain your stress levels as a parent, limit your expectations and come prepared for your travel days it’s all worth it once you arrive.


You are looking to move back to NY in January. What do you love about the city?

Of all the places we’ve traveled to NY is home. It’s undeniably my favorite place. There’s just a creative, inspiring buzz that makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger. No other city pushes me to be better, cooks up more delicious food or has more opportunity that I’ve experienced. Plus, our community of friends that are like family is the cherry on top.


What are your favourite items from La Coqueta AW17?

I love the Durillo boy pyjamas, Goyo boy jumper and the Mate Dungarees.



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