The goal at La Coqueta has always been to build a successful business. This success is not only measured by creating clothing that people cherish, but also by helping those less fortunate than ourselves. As a company, we aim to be ethical in everything we do. From sourcing raw materials and promoting traditional craft techniques, to supporting the small businesses that produce our clothing, we aim to give back whenever we can.
We are so lucky to be involved in the business of children’s fashion; children bring so much joy to our lives. Their enthusiasm, ideas, and spirit are contagious, and we want to encourage them to learn and grow so we can build a better world for the future. From the very beginning, La Coqueta has been donating clothing from past seasons to help children and their families who may not have access to clothing themselves. Our donations have transported us across the globe- to El Salvador, Guatemala, India, and Egypt.
We have always chosen to do charitable work in places that we have visited as a family; for example the village of Delwara, India where some children must walk for more than an hour every day to fill a bottle of water for their family, and have limited access to education.
In Delwara we met with the locals who showed us the local school, and we were able to work together with the school to gift clothing to the young children in the town.
More recently we have had the pleasure to work with the Elisa Sednaoui Foundation, a foundation which works to promote accessible education that is both academic and creative, aiming to empower young children to realise their full potential and contribute to their communities. We gifted clothing to the foundation to pass on to the children participating in their education programs.
In El Salvador, La Coqueta had the privilege to work alongside Glasswing International.  This charity invests in the existing strengths of communities via the mobilisation of resources. Whether that be monetary, humanitarian- or in our case clothing- distributing these resources, as well as food and medicine, to rural communities across South America.
We are always looking for partnership opportunities; if you are an organization or charity, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.
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