Shirts & Tops
Structured classic shoulders and straight-cut shirts represent the blending of masculine and feminine, a story that La Coqueta tells so well. Crafted from super soft 100% cotton featuring charming statement collars, discover a menagerie of style you'll want to wear too.
About The Brand
La Coqueta was established in 2013 by mother of five, Celia Muñoz. Known for refined silhouettes and distinctive style that amplify everyday aesthetics, each collection unites modern design with traditional style and is proudly made in Spain.
Raw Materials
Lose yourself in the art of dress with pure Merino wool, organic cotton and luxuriously soft cashmere, shown through elegant yet down-to-earth styles with a signature sentimental flair.
Discover The Collection
The translation of ‘La Coqueta’ to English is well-groomed, relating to the Spanish culture of self-care and dress. The definition connects to every aspect of the La Coqueta experience, from the finish of clothing and hand-crafted accessories to the in-store experiences and careful packing of our orders.
Sibling Styles
Coordinate the entire family with matching sibling styles, featuring a range of new print stories available in pieces from 3M to 10Y. Crafted in a range of breathable, natural fibres, evoke the La Coqueta spirit with complimenting styles for the entire family, perfect for those memorable moments together.
Back To School
Spanish craftsmanship is envisioned for every day, conceptualised into a range for term-time styling. Signature school shoes crafted from 100% leather, soft Merino knitwear and versatile dresses for fuss-free wear when the bell rings.
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