Raw materials

"When I started La Coqueta I was a mother to five children all under five years, there was no way I would
have been able to hand wash all my children’s knitwear... I know I am not alone in thinking this way and
I felt it was essential to bring our customers a product that was easy to wear and wash, that stands the test
of time and can be passed on from one child to the next, just like I do with my own family."

100% Cotton


Celia has always felt that it is vital to work with organic materials
such as cotton, linen and wool. Not only for environmental reasons
but also because of the practical implications for active children with
delicate skin. Our cotton is grown in Peru and traded with Spain
(as it has been for many centuries), workshops in Spain refine
the cotton to create the softest and most breathable cloth that is
then worn by our customer’s children.

Merino Wool

 All of our Merino wool is knitted in small, family run workshops that

specialise in hand knitting and every piece is finished exquisitely.

Each item is washed twice (first hand washed, and then in the machine)

and dried flat in order to ensure they will remain in perfect condition

when they are used and worn by our customer on a regular basis.

Comfort and fit is also very important. For babies, our workshops

employ techniques that factor in the delicate needs of an infant, such

as extra room around a baby's sensitive waist area.


La Coqueta is known for the quality of its knitwear and the choice of colour

and style. It is rare in childrenswear to find a product which is finished

and designed with such care.

Mother of Pearl buttons


Our mother of pearl buttons are made of an organic material that

is produced from the inner layer of a pearl shell. As well as being

extremely strong and resilient they are also incredibly beautiful and

have an iridescent shimmer, adding that extra touch of quality and design.


 All of our leather products are made of 100% Spanish leather.

These skins are grown and manufactured in Southern Spain and are

renowned for their soft, supple condition and durability. At La Coqueta

we ensure that only the best leathers are selected to adapt to the feet of children

and ensure that they stand the test of time.


"Our shoes are timeless and are made from really beautiful leather that

is soft and durable and adapts to the wearer. They can withstand hours

of play- my own children live in their La Coqueta shoes and boots and I

listen to all of their feedback on comfort and fit. I believe it is vital that

our footwear not only looks beautiful but can accommodate the

everyday needs of children."

Homegrown Flower Garlands


We have an exquisite range of hair garlands for our special

occasion collection which are produced from mini bunches of

gypsophila (Baby’s-Breath) that have been grown and dried out

during Easter in Spain and delicately woven and intertwined

with pretty miniature fabric flowers.


"This is such a nice story... The very same man, took me to a field of

wild flowers and showed me where they were picked from. It is this

pretty floral landscape that I think back to every time I look at these

beautiful hairbands in our store."

Fully Lined

All of our dresses and baby sets are fully lined, making them extremely

comfortable and breathable next to the skin. The lining is made of

100% white cotton and is finished with a pretty row of vintage lace or

embroidery along the edge.

Hair Accessories


Our hair accessories are handmade by a charming Spanish family who

have been producing pieces together since the 1970’s. The grandfather

still works on the accessories our customers purchase and you can feel

that sense of history, love and devotion that has gone into each piece.

Sometimes it can take up to a week to produce just one hairband. It is

a privilege to work with families who take so much pride in what they do.

The brand’s story is based around sharing a passion for what we design

and sell that touches all aspects of the business, from the suppliers

we work with to the staff on the shop floor.

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