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26 July 2017

Meet Emily Hogarth, artist, mother and papercut illustrator, living in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband, two children and dog in their newly renovated home. Here is the best place to find out more about Emily Hogarth facts & other information.

Tell us a little about yourself, your family and the work you do?

I’m Emily and my family consists of my husband Conor, our two children Maggie and Finn and our dog Mary. I am an illustrator who mainly works with my scalpel creating paper cut designs & other art. We have recently moved into our new family home that we have been painstakingly renovating for the last 18 months – and I am finally unpacking boxes and enjoying all our hard work. It is also wonderful to now have a studio in my garden so I can juggle work and home life and the kids a bit easier.

Tell us about your background, how did you arrive to where you are now, and how did your passion for paper cut illustration begin?

I studied textile design at Edinburgh College of Art and then continued to do my masters in design. While studying textiles I started creating elaborate stencils to hand screen print fabrics for my collections, over time the stencils themselves (rather than the fabrics) caught peoples attention and I was employed to create illustrations when I graduated. It felt quite a natural evolution really, one day I might venture back into textile design but for now paper cuts and paper design keep me inspired and busy.

Where do you take your inspiration from when it comes to creating your paper cut art illustrations?

Inspiration comes from everywhere and anything, I have always been an admirer of design, from packaging design to product design. So my own work is inspired by my everyday life as I really do find inspiration in everything from the pretty packaging of my cereal in the morning, to the flowers and grasses whilst walking my dog in the countryside to the pretty patterns on the Spanish clothes I dress myself and my children in. All these details filter into my designs in some way or another and constantly keep ideas fresh and new.

You have worked with some big brands such as Nivea, Cadbury and Red Magazine. What has been your career highlight, and do you have a particular brand that you aspire to collaborate with?

Oh that’s a hard one. I am always really grateful for every opportunity I get and often can’t believe the opportunities I have had, but I think my career highlight will have to be a project I am currently working on. I am working with a design team creating illustrations for the interior of a brand new children hospital being built in Edinburgh, it has been really rewarding working on this job and I can’t wait to see my illustrations gracing the walls, hopefully inspiring some children when they need it. In regards to work in the future – who knows, I love working with a wide variety of brands and projects and I hope it continues. I do hold a little dream to illustrate a children's book, so you never know.

You have a beautiful family home that is currently being renovated. How would you describe your interior style and where do you take your inspiration from?

Thank you, it has been a long time in the making, we have been renovating our home for the last 18 months and only in the last three have finally moved in. It is still very much a work in progress but it feels wonderful to finally be here. In regards to my style I’m not really sure how to describe it, I have always liked unfussy style – simple clean lines and colours. For our current home all the walls are white except our living room which is pretty much black (I look forward to curling up in this room in the winter next to the woodfire). I love mid-century designed furniture and am always on the look out for new pieces, I love teak wood and the warmth the colour gives the home. My home has to evoke everything I love, and I find it inspiring being surrounded by items and artwork that make me smile.

What are your most treasured items in your home?

Our children, but putting family aside it would have to be our kitchen, I absolutely love cooking so having a kitchen where I can happily potter about on the weekend makes me very happy.

You live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tell us little bit about your hometown and the surrounding area, any insider tips for people who are visiting?

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city full of wonderful old buildings and surrounded by beautiful landscapes. One of the best things about Edinburgh is its size and proximity to the surrounding countryside. You can pretty much travel around the whole city in less than an hour and be at the beach, mountains or the rolling hills of the countryside in no time at all. We recently moved to the edge of the city so we are just a hop skip and jump away from the beach and are enjoying lots of time there (even in our predictably wet Scottish summer). For people visiting the city I always tell them to take a walk up Blackford Hill – it really has the most spectacular views of the city and it always takes my breath away. What are your favourite pieces from La Coqueta’s new season collection? Carmina smock dress – love the detail and the star print it is just dreamy. Estela girl nightgown – a beautifully designed piece that stands the text of time while feeling beautiful special, and the Laguna boy pyjamas – can’t go wrong with a classic pyjama like this.


L-R:  Laguna Boy Pyjama, Estela Girl Nightgown, Carmina Smock Dress.


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