Moms In Style | Rachel Zeilic

Moms In Style | Rachel Zeilic

La Coqueta recently had the pleasure of chatting with Rachel Zeilic, a true powerhouse in the realm of all things fashion. Rachel is an executive at Who What Wear, a driven entrepreneur, and a devoted mother to two wonderful boys. Renowned for her prowess in crafting captivating content and offering invaluable insights on digital marketing strategies for brands, Rachel provided us with an exclusive glimpse into her life at WWW.

How has your career in the fashion industry evolved since becoming a mother?

I don’t have the luxury of time anymore, so I have to make decisions quickly, communicate very directly. Moms get sh#t done. Whilst my kids have been little I’ve erred a little bit more on the side of safety, and a career that supports my family life, but I see it as a short season in life. Soon both my kids will be in school and busy with friends and I will have more time and be able to take bigger risks again with my career. 


What challenges have you faced balancing your professional life with motherhood, and how have you overcome them? 

It’s so hard. Since the pandemic I work mostly from home and I don’t know how people do it otherwise. My specific challenge is I built my career by being social, and I just don’t have time to be out every night anymore. I just have to be a lot more intentional with my time.



Can you share any tips or strategies for managing a successful career while raising children?

EVERYTHING goes in Google calendar otherwise it doesn’t happen. Work out your hourly rate - and offload chores that can be done for less than that. 


How do you prioritise self-care while juggling the demands of work and family life?

Honest answer, I don’t. I think women can have everything, but it’s hard to have everything all at the same time. I’m in my little kid season and don’t have a lot of time for self-care. I still really prioritise my friendships so that’s a form of self-care I guess.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion, and how has motherhood influenced your creative process? 

I started my first company when I was 20 years old, with zero experience, knowledge or contacts in fashion, simply because I saw a gap in the market- stylish clothing at an affordable price point. Since then I’ve loved fashion - people are smart, creative, fast, ever evolving. Motherhood has made me want to invest in classics, my style has become alot more timeless. 


In what ways do you incorporate your personal experiences and influence into your work at Who What Wear?

My work and personal life are intermingled. I work in influencer marketing - i.e. I am hiring creators on behalf of brands - but I take the occasional influencer job so that I understand the other side and I can be better at my job. I think corporations box you in a little bit.

How do you maintain a sense of balance and fulfilment both professionally and personally?

You have to let go of being a perfectionist. It’s hard to have a tidy house + quality time with your kids + a perfect career. Focus on the things that make you truly happy, ask yourself and answer honestly “is this something I want or is it something society tells me I should want”. Every day is a new day and you can start over and change every day.

What La Coqueta pieces are you loving this season?

I’m obsessed with these shirts I got for my boys!

Are there any special projects you’re working on right now?

I’m actually starting a community for like minded moms - DM me if you wanna be virtual friends!

What advice would you give to other working mothers who aspire to pursue their passions while raising a family?

Plan out your time in advance - how much time you can spend at work, family time, errand & “household admin” time. Be present and focus on what you’re doing in that moment. When you’re at work - don’t be worrying about the kids, planning their afterschool activities etc. When you’re with your kids - don’t be checking your phone for email. It’s better to spend an hour ACTUALLY playing with them than all day when you’re distracted and on your phone. And with work I truly believe you’ll get it done, whether you have an hour or a week just focus and do the best you can.



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