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27 September 2018

Jane Rylands is from kitchen appliance manufacturer Belling. Here, she gives five fun ideas you can try when baking with your children.

Baking can be a great bonding experience between parent and child, as well as giving you plenty of tasty treats to tuck into for the next couple of days. But, why not try and make it even more special by adding some creativity to your child’s baking sessions? There are tonnes of recipes out there to follow, but I’m going to show you how to add an extra element of fun while following these. To find out more, just read on.

Add a Recipe Twist

As much as we all love classic children’s baking recipes, like sugar cookies and sponge cake, there’s no reason why you can’t branch out and add a little twist to your little one’s favourite treats.
Food colouring is a great way to add a simple yet child-friendly twist to many batter-based recipes. Take them to the supermarket and let them pick out their favourite colours to ensure they feel included. You’ll be well on your way to transforming your sponge buns into colourful marble ones.
Alternatively, if there’s a specific flavour that they love, try incorporating this into the recipes as well. Adding twists mean you can create family baking traditions of your own that will last for years to come. So, get creative!

Pick a Theme

Surprise your little ones with a themed baking session. Choose their favourite film and hit the supermarket for some baking supplies that’ll help you create matching goodies.
These don’t have to be complicated or costly and can be as simple as making a gingerbread house and decorating it to make a princess castle. Use pink icing pens and edible flowers to create the ultimate magical Disney feel that your children are sure to love!
If they’re more interested in superheroes, whipping up a batch of cookies with icings of their favourite characters on the top will encourage some imaginative play. Pretending that each of the cookies has a special superpower will add an element of fun and get them excited about the baking process.
Once you’ve baked up a storm, you could even settle down to watch the film. It’ll be the icing on the cake of a perfect day!

Buy them a Special Baking Outfit

By now you’ll know that your kids love dressing up, so why not incorporate this into your baking sessions? They’re bound to have admired mummy or daddy’s cooking apron, so you could consider giving them their own to wear with pride.
A mini chef’s hat and apron will ensure they feel just as important in the baking process — and will also save their clothes from icing sugar explosions!
There are plenty of patterns and designs out there to choose from, so you could even get matching parent and child aprons. Alternatively, getting one in their favourite colour or with a favourite character on it will be useful in convincing them to wear it when they have other ideas!

Get their Toys Involved

Kids have great imaginations, and you can encourage this. So, give them something to think about by inviting their teddy bears to a picnic. Devise a menu together of all of the things you’ll be baking and get your child to take their teddies’ orders. Even if you’re just planning on whipping up a quick batch of buns, you can make it fun by decorating them with a different coloured icing for each bear — hopefully the invite list isn’t too long!
If it’s a nice day outside, set up the picnic rug to give you both a bit of fresh air. Or, let them make their own den in the living room where they can invite their teddies to come and eat with them.
If your child is more into dolls than teddies, switch it up into a doll’s tea party. Provide a tea pot and tea cups with saucers to give them that extra grown up feel — just be sure to supervise them around your ceramics!

Assign them Fun Titles

Make your kids feel important with superior-sounding titles. If their favourite part of the baking session is cracking the eggs, giving them a name to reflect this, like The Egg Smasher, will add some fun into the mix and give them a sense of purpose.
Once you’ve baked up your sweet treats, you could even reward them with a certificate for all of their hard work — just make sure this includes their designated title, to make them feel extra special to the baking process.
Your kids are bound to love baking anyway, but with my five ideas you can bring a new element of fun to it. Whether you’re inviting their teddies for a picnic or you’re creating your own recipes, sweeten them up with these fun baking ideas!

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