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19 August 2020 No comments
With Becca Menchaca from Just Peachy in Elementary.


As countries around the world ease lockdown restrictions and begin re-building what is commonly referred to as ‘the new normal’, a lot of families are making the difficult decision of deciding whether to send their children back to school. If your little ones are returning this fall, it is best to be as prepared as possible for introducing new routines, new rules, and a new day-to-day agenda. We spoke to Becca Menchaca, a fifth-grade teacher and mother, on helpful tips and new practices to prepare for the new term.


What advice do you have for parents who are preparing to send their children back to school this term?
Give grace. This is a time of uncertainty for many. Give teachers grace, give your child grace, give yourself grace. It is also important to talk through the new school expectations with your child. Have a conversation with your child and let them know that school will be different this year, such as wearing face coverings and social distancing. Model what it looks like to adhere to these new practices. Your child is more likely follow the behaviours he or she sees modelled at home.
What is the best practice for a home-school set up?
The best practice for a home-school set up is to designate a space and time for learning. I suggest having your child assist you in creating their learning space. Their space should be both fun and functional. It is also best to adhere to a basic routine with built-in brain breaks
Do you have any recommendations for children's books that help explain the pandemic?
I recommend reading "When Virona the Corona Came to Town” by Hailey Glynn with your child. The book explains the pandemic in a child-friendly way through the eyes of the main character, Mary Ellen. It discusses important topics such as social distancing and highlights heroes who are working during this time. I think it is important for children to find characters they can relate to, and this book does a good job of showing how a positive mindset can help one overcome a difficult situation.
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