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15 May 2020 No comments

The pandemic has affected us all in so many ways personally and professionally. Spain has been, as we know, one of the worst affected countries in Europe and as a result, our supply chain has been impacted by it too. As our workshops started closing down we tried as much as we could to help the situation. A message I have been hearing quite a lot in the news is “the pandemic brings the best out of us”... I do not always agree that this is the case but certainly I feel it has brought out the “real us” in many cases. Through my daily contact with our suppliers (who feel truly like family to me) I have been particularly impressed with their will to help others, particularly the worst affected during this pandemic, the most vulnerable such as the elderly and people with special needs living in institutions. We have all seen the terrible scenes in a particular care home in Spain that none of us, as Spanish people, could have ever imagined witnessing in 2020 in our country.

Immediately after the outbreak started our suppliers began producing masks and face covers for these care homes so that the inpatients as well as their caregivers could protect themselves, as much as they could as there has been a huge shortage of PPE equipment. The regulations for protective material are strict and these places did need them badly and the shortages were widespread. I felt so proud to hear that the people we work with were sending thousands of masks per day to the places who needed them the most in Spain.

In view of the potential new regulations coming out here and already implemented in countries such as Germany or Austria, we decided to produce our own face masks and face covers. Never in my years of working as a designer did I think we would have to create something such as this. I thought this was only left to the greats, the likes of Richard Quinn, who I deeply admire, and only for fashion purposes, to add a bit of drama to their seasonal performances during fashion week. But here we are... in a new era, a new normality that will become our day to day until things change again with the need to wear a mask not only as a way to protect ourselves but most importantly to protect others that may sit next to us and may be more vulnerable from contracting the Covid-19 virus.

We thought we would bring you two different types of masks. Undoubtedly the most visually pleasing will be our face covers which are made of pure materials such as cotton and linen and are reversible, in order for you to be able to have two different types of looks and at the same time they are easy to wash. We have prevented ourselves from adding any type of fabric treated with a special material because unless the face covers are fully made of water repellent fabric, following our research with different labs, they could be a source for storing germs, bacteria and virus' more than anything else. The last thing we would like to do is sell a product so that people believe it is completely safe, protecting you from the virus when as a matter of fact it doesn’t.  The care is simple and quite straight forward, you wear the mask once when you go out, try as much as possible not to touch it whilst you wear it and the moment you come back you wash it but be aware this is only a facecover. Whilst it is not medical grade, we wanted to adopt the "something is better than nothing" approach and do what we could.

The other masks that we offer are our Biocide Face Masks. They certainly carry a more clinical look and have been treated with a biocide substance and is water repellent meaning that if you are ill, it will work harder to contain the bacteria and viceversa. Please note that I tried to make these masks as appealing as possible and we thought nice neon elasticated bands on the sides would do the trick. Orange is our MD’s favourite neon colour, so this one if for you Emma! You will need to carefully read the instructions as the masks have their biocide effect for a limited period of time. A detailed set of instructions comes with it, so please read it carefully. 

The masks above come in different sizes so that children from 4 years onwards and their parents can wear them matching or coordinated. I must say I am totally in love with these beautiful family pictures from our MD and her family.

In times like these I want to send a message that La Coqueta is trying to do its best to help provide something that we are all in need of whilst also trying to simultaneously brighten your day with fun designs. This tragedy has affected quite a lot of people close to me back in my home country and we are trying to do what we know best, fashion for children even in the worst of times. We hope you will enjoy these masks and we look forward to seeing you once our shops reopen, hopefully soon... we will also be wearing our masks!

Celia x 
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