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15 May 2018

  We visit the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia through the eyes of Corina Nika, mother and graphic designer who decided to move here with her husband after craving the need to slow down and find more time for her creative pursuits. A wonderful holiday destination and place to live, feel inspired and get excited about planning for summer holidays away with her wonderful island guide.   Tell us about yourself and what you do? First of all, thank you so much for having me! I’m a graphic designer currently based in Kefalonia Island with my husband, one year old, a dog and a cat. We run our own design studio where I get to work on and design all the things I love, I am constantly inspired by the beautiful nature around us.  

What brought you to Kefalonia Island and tell us what is your favourite thing about living here?

My husband has roots here and while we were both living in Athens for most of our lives, we decided that we needed to slow down in order to be more creative and inspired and really do something meaningful. So we made the decision in just a week, quickly packed all of our belongings and now we are living in this gorgeous paradise.

My favourite thing about living here, is probably the slow life. Every morning I wake up to the birds singing, and although I live on a mountain with a sea view, some days I can actually hear the waves. There is zero traffic and stress from the outside world. We never watch the news and we have made this island our own little bubble where we’re free to create the life we always dreamt of.

The sea and the sun ain’t bad either. Every summer it’s like we’re on vacation and we get to choose from numerous turquoise water beaches and spend our days in a bikini.


Being outside in nature, visiting the beaches, swimming in the clear blue sea seems to be the best place to be in Kefalonia, the scenery is absolutely beautiful. What are the best places to visit on a family day out?

Oh I wish I could limit myself to just a few! You’d definitely want to stay on the Argostoli side of the island which is sandier and kid friendly. You can visit my favourite beaches like Makris & Platis Gyalos (they’re next to each other) but if you want something more quiet and personal, head to Karavados which is a tiny little gem hiding in the mountains. You can sit on the sand, or drink a coffee with a view, sit on rocks or take a long stroll by the beach and end to a cliff where you get a 360 view of the sea. Really impressive sights are the Melissani cave, where fairies are said to live in, and Drogarati cave (both are close to each other) or go on a picnic or hike up the Ainos Mountain, where the views are simply breathtaking.

Last but not least, although a rocky beach, Assos is a must see village as it’s one of the most picturesque places here to take a few beautiful family pictures. If you’re up for an adventure you can go for a walk to Asso’s castle.


What are your top tips for people visiting the Island?

If you’re into swimming, make sure to visit between June and September as the waters are warmer then, these are the most quiet months if you’re not into a crowded island.

I would suggest to avoid the tourist shops for gifts (as I always do when I go somewhere new) and prefer more local - family owned ones for something special, unique and made on the island. You’ll know which ones are not the tourist type from the bright colours and all the blue evil eyes.

There’s a really lovely place on Lithostroto in Argostoli that makes hats (I already own a couple). It’s right before the post office if you want something artisan and hand made.

    When it comes to food tell us a little bit about the cuisine and your favourite places to eat? We love eating outside whenever the weather allows it and we’re always into seafood. If you have a kitchen in your hotel or villa, don’t hesitate to take a stroll down by the bay an early morning (usually not weekends) and buy some fresh fish from the fisherman. Otherwise, you can visit Psaraki by the bay or even better visit Karavomylos Taverna in Sami that has the most delicious shrimps, and basically all the fresh seafood you can imagine. That’s probably my favourite spot to eat. Second best is always souvlaki. We prefer Ladokolla which is near the square in Argostoli. Their pita kebab is to die for.     Getting beach ready for summer vacations, what are your top La Coqueta looks for holiday dressing? I always love shopping light colors for my little guy. He looks so good in white with his blonde locks and blue eyes. Light colours and natural tones is my favourite combination. I would love to combine the Jazmina top with the Lirio Dungarees or the Acedera Trousers. Thank you so much!

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