We are thrilled to announce an official partnership with Plant-for the Planet, our biggest and most exciting project to date. As a company, we have embarked on a journey to be sustainable in everything we do, and we have never been more motivated to use our brand as a platform to create positive change.
With Celia’s five children showing enthusiasm and commitment to drive us towards change, the family has taken it upon themselves to personally lead this monumental movement and make a difference. The incredible fuel and passion shown by Celia’s children is an inspiration to every one of us at La Coqueta, and we strive for all our customers and younger generations to follow in our desire for a green future.


The opportunity to stand together with Plant-for-the-planet and combat the climate crisis is limitless; this remarkable movement will create safer planet for us all. Our main goal is to plant one million trees by 2024 in areas of deforestation in Spain and Mexico. Here at La Coqueta, we take great pride in being ‘Proudly Made in Spain’, and with a special focus on Celia’s hometown of Granada, this project is very close to our hearts.
After months of in-depth research as a family, it became clear the magnitude of the task at hand. Celia and her family began learning about the promising impact trees have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero through CO2 binding, and how this can mitigate the crisis.
La Coqueta has proudly become an official partner of the programme. Our mission is to help create a greener future and to inspire others to get involved. In her role as an official Ambassador, Celia is excited to work with Plant-for-the-Planet by inspiring and empowering generations to come to build a greener future.


‘Over the years, I have directly witnessed the climate crisis in Granada and Sierra Nevada, where I have my family roots, and we spend so much time as a family. We have realised how much the planet needs our help. It is an honour to be working with Plant-for-the-Planet on this long-term project. We are doing this for our children and for the new generations to come. Our mission is to plant a million trees in the next few years, and our dream is to educate and empower children to become Climate Justice Ambassadors. We’re determined to contribute towards a greener planet.’
Celia Muñoz, Ambassador for Plant-for-the-Planet


We would love for you to join us in this compelling movement by sharing a picture of yourself on Instagram with a leaf covering your mouth and the caption.



Help us spread the word by nominating three people. We are stronger together.
Celia and the La Coqueta Team x
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