Discovering Phoenix on Golborne

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Discovering Phoenix on Golborne
8 February 2019

At La Coqueta we love getting inspired by surrounding ourselves with beautiful décor and we have a soft spot for anything vintage that adds character to any space.

We have known Jess Gildersleve from the beautiful vintage shop Phoenix on Golborne  for many years and how lucky that her store is located right in our neighbourhood of Notting HillPhoenix on Golborne started as an antique furniture shop and has now expanded into selling stunning vintage clothing pieces as well! Our creative director’s home is full of her pieces and the team loves visiting the shop at every lunch time.

What inspired you to open your own antique furniture shop

My Grandad and my Dad are antique dealers in Devon, so I grew up helping them out in the workshop fixing and re-finishing furniture.  I took it for granted at the time, but I learned a huge amount and it put me in excellent stead when I opened Phoenix.

What made you decide to branch out into vintage clothing as well? How did it come about?

I’m lucky enough to work with one of my dearest friends, Edel, who started working for me 6 years ago when she was studying Fashion Design at LCF.  She had a passion for vintage and all the skills to restore pieces to their former glory so when she finished her course, we decided we’d launch a curated range of wearable vintage in our basement space.
She does almost all the buying now and it’s been hugely successful, she sources from many of the same areas/countries as I do so it also means I have a buddy for the long road trips abroad!

How did you decide on shop location?

That was the easy bit, I was living locally and absolutely loved the character and diversity of Golborne Road.  It was the only location I was interested in and serendipitously found number 67 almost straight away. It’s always been a destination area for vintage and antique shopping which was a huge benefit when starting out.

What makes Phoenix stand out from the rest?

Our focus is on practical, beautiful items (ranging from enormous dressers & wardrobes, chandeliers to trinkets & gift items) that are honestly priced - we love that we have a fast turnover of stock meaning that we’re buying and bring new items into the shop every week.
Edel and I do all the restoration work on site ourselves, and regularly paint and restore pieces to customers’ spec.  Our relationship with our customers is paramount and we’re really proud of the number of repeat and word of mouth customers we have.

What is your favourite thing about owning your own shop?

Everything except the admin! It’s a lot of work but I’m extremely fortunate to do a job that I love, from the travelling and buying, the restoration to getting to meet loads of incredible people and see their beautiful homes. Nothing beats the buzz of finding hidden treasure and bringing it back to the shop though!

How did you first discover La Coqueta, and what is your favourite thing about the brand?

I first learned about La Coqueta from meeting Celia in my shop.  She’s been a favourite customer of mine for years and I’ve helped out with styling for some of her photoshoots!  Even though our businesses are very different, it’s always such a pleasure and so inspirational to talk to Celia about the joys and challenges of running our own companies.  Having worked (albeit briefly) with the brand, I gained real insight into the exceptional quality and strong design focus of all La Coqueta pieces, they manage to be timeless whilst also feeling very current.


What are your favourite pieces from the new Spring Summer 2019 Collection?

Some recent favourites of mine that I’ve bought for friends’ new arrivals are the Azalea Baby Playsuit, Marcos Baby Blanket, and Oria Baby Bonnet.

I also love the new Ardisia & Adelina floral print dresses for spring, my goddaughters will definitely be getting these as birthday gifts!

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