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19 January 2018

A dream since they met, and now a reality which they live, the Miljian family are travelling the world. With their 2 children Teo and Lia the Miljian family are on a quest to experience something extraordinary together, memories they will keep forever as a family, they document their travels on their wonderful blog Follow them on their Instagram and be transported to exotic lands - down the Mekong river, prayers in the temples of Bangkok and to the stunning rice terraces in Bali, it has been a beautiful journey so far and we cannot wait to see more. We chat with mother and writer Micaela about their family adventures and the highlights of their trip so far.

Tell us about yourselves. How did you come to find yourself where you are today?

am a writer, I live to treasure the good moments. Julien and I are used to always have a good camera at hand, ever since we met. Photography is his passion. When I was pregnant with Teo, our first born, we collected all the small memories (cinema and museum tickets, receipts, drawings, pictures and stories) and gathered it all in a book. is the natural extension of this enthusiasm. A diary of our lives in Florence, fresh out of a relocation from Paris. The blog’s success was unexpected. The night we announced our blog we couldn’t sleep for the tremendous amount of visits, mostly from family members and friends. “Wow, it’s fantastic!” was all we could say. In a few months that life diary gained the attention of readers from all over the world and eventually became my job, also thanks to Julien’s fierce support. Then one night in our home in Florence we were sitting on the kitchen floor and we decided to leave for this journey. It was the right time and life was welcoming us. In the span of three months we left Florence, we sold all the furniture, stored all we had left and took off on a great adventure around the world.

Why did you decide to do this journey now?

We’ve always had this dream ever since we met. We wanted to share life with our kids in a meaningful and extraordinary way. Now we are together 24 hours per day and we discover new wonderful places. It’s what we always wanted and now it’s ours.


On the road can be challenging, not to mention travel with children. How do you manage to travel with children, what are your top tips for families who may be considering this type of travel?

Travelling with kids is possible and beautiful because it’s a journey seen through new eyes. Flexibility is the keyword. A rigid itinerary is never going to work and the activities should always involve your little ones. Their rhythm is important and must be taken into account. Behind the scenes it’s a great work of cooperation: Julien and I both take care of the children in a proactive way,  and we make sure to check on each other’s stress levels. Last but not least: bring your spirit of adventure with you! 

What is your favourite place you have visited so far?

Vietnam for sure. It just offers so much. Hanoi is charming, Hoi An is a pearl on the Chinese sea, Ho Chi Minh is the future.


You have been on the road now for almost 6 months, tell us some of your highlights of your travel?

There are so many! Landing on Bali, and the excitement of the very first days, walking among the rice fields. Travelling by train and looking out the window to stunning landscapes. Visiting the high skyscrapers of Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Walking kilometres together, chatting with the locals and enjoying their warm welcomes. Going back to Vietnam after three years (our last trip as a couple was Vietnam. Actually, we were 2 + 1, because I was two months pregnant with Teo). And then the sunsets on the beach. Southeast Asia is pure magic.


From the La Coqueta SS18 what are your favourite pieces from the collection?

I love the Livistonia romper, the Liria dress, the Gazania playsuit, Goyo jumper and the Durillo pyjamas

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